04/23/2016 - New Dinosaur Love album "The Gospel" comes out this Friday


Next Related Records compilation is called SELF the deadline to for submissions is July 2nd. more info here.


Drunk & Horny have a new album coming out in at the end of July too.

We are adding stuff to our Discogs page all the time, keep checking that.


12/08/2016 - Just updating to remind you that if you live in USA and you order something and want it to arrive BEFORE Christmas/Hanukah you need to place it BEFORE THIS SUNDAY (12/11/2016) I only go to the post office on Mondays. There is 3 different places to order things from us online!



If you want clothes, stickers, patches and pretty much everything we offer this is the place!



We have a discogs store where (almost all) our vinyl, cassettes, cd's...etc is listed for sale. BUT there is some stuff here that isn't available on our storenvy because storenvy only allows you to have 500 things listed at a time.



We only have some stuff we have released on bandcamp but everything on bandcamp comes with a free download of the album you are purchasing (and usually includes extra bonus things that aren't listed) The reason EVERYTHING we've released is not here is because sometimes we release stuff alongside other labels and those labels ask us not to.



It comes out officially on November 16th on limited edition turquoise colored cassettes (limited to only 100) and vinyl (limited to only 500) They are about to embark on tour which starts November 11th. Tour schedule is below make sure to follow them on facebook and see them when they come to your town.



NOVEMBER 13 - PHOENIX, AZ @LOST LEAF w/Mooseknuckle Sandwich


NOVEMBER 17 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @EAGLE TAVERN w/Andy Human & The Reptoids**






** w/bAdbAd


08/14/2016 - Related Records is over 3 years old now! To celebrate download this compilation of music we've released in the last year. Our Beastie Boys tribute compilation is finally finished and ready for download too!


We've got 3 new releases coming out in the next month too!


First the new Human Behavior full length "Kedumim" which I gotta say is their best release so far. It comes out officially on September 2nd. You can pre-order a copy of it here. It will ship out August 29th. Vinyl release is available through folktale records.


Next is the first full length from The Pooches. I have been a fan of these guys for the past couple years and I was so excited when they approached me about releasing their new album on cassette. I special ordered olive green colored cassettes that turned out amazing! This album comes out officially on September 9th. You can pre-order it here. All Pre-orders will ship out on September 5th. Vinyl release is available through Lame-O records. This album has already received some great press from Impose Magazine and Stereogum.


Then on September 19th we are officially releasing the debut release from the Drew Danburry/John-Ross Boyce project known as The Funny Uncles. This is over 100+ minutes of music spanning between 3 Red, White and Blue colored cassettes. The album will also feature a zine of amazing illustrations from John-Ross. His artwork is so cool! and I know everyone is going to want it. Related Records is pre-ordering a VERY limited number of these, you can order it here. Orders will be shipped out as soon as it's finished (which will probably be the first or second week of September) The rest of the copies of this release will be with the duo while they are on tour this fall go here for full tour schedule.


05/04/2016 - We are currently in the middle of packing up for our big move to Los Angeles, CA on the 10th.


But we had to update the website to let you know about a couple of cool things.


#1. De'Lunula premiered the new Fathers Day music video for the song "Disney World" you can view the video below and read about the video here.



#2. Our next compilation is in the works. It is a tribute to the punk & hardcore career of the Beastie Boys. More info on that can be found here. Submission deadline is July 26th. The compilation will be released on August 4th (which is the 35th anniversary of the very first beastie boys show)



03/26/2016 - A bunch of new releases are coming out in the next few months but instead of about plugging all of that I wanted to share all the new awesome music videos that have come out so far this year.


The first two are from Treasure Mammals new album "I Will Cut You With My EBT Card"


Treasure Mammal "Missed Connections (Featuring Lonna Kelley)" 


Treasure Mammal - "Cassette (Featuring R Stevie Moore)"


And just yesterday WhatYouth.com premiered a new video for Mia Loucks "Girls" from "The Sister Honey Demos"


Oh and we are moving to Los Angeles, CA in May. AHHHHHH!!!!! 


12/20/2015 - The Two new releases from James Kochalka are here!


First is Famey a 3-song sound collage made by James Kochalka back in 1991. Side B is the entire tape played in reverse.


Second is a formal cassette release of his 2012 master piece "Beautiful Man" which was previously only available online as a digital download. This album was recently reviewed by Vice magazine where they compared James Kochalka Superstar to Ty Segall and Mac DeMarco. James Kochalkas response was "who are they?"




Both releases are amazing and we are so excited to now have James Kochalka be a member of the Related Records family. You can buy them both in our webstore here.


We also finally released our most beautiful digital compilation to date Unlimited Semiosis Volume 1

Unlimited Semiosis is completely free and there is more info on each of the artists available if you click on the individual songs.


11/21/2015 - The new Treasure Mammal LP is here and we have sold more than half of the copies already. Sorry I didn't post this earlier. It came out November 7th and we've been really busy filling orders and with the next few releases. Every album copy is on hand poured colored wax! and the album features so many amazing artists including (but not limited to) Wayne Coyne, R. Stevie Moore, Yvonne Lambert, Robin Vinning, Lonna Kelley and more! Only 300 were made and If we do a re-issue the colored wax is unlikely. So you should pick up a copy ASAP.


You can listen, download and purchase the album here.


We are also pleased to announce the next 2 releases are going to be from an artist we have admired for such a long time....



Hopefully a week or so before Chirstmas we will have TWO Kochalka Quality releases ready for the masses. And just in case we don't update the website with the news you should follow us on instagram where we post something at least every other day and on our facebook where things get posted regularly too.


11/02/2015 - The new Yairms EP is here! He is on tour now with Alhhla. Here are the remaining dates

11/02 - Dallas, TX

11/03 - Austin, TX

11/04 - Houston, TX

11/05 - New Orleans, LA

11/06 - New Orleans, LA

11/07 - Tallahassee, FL

11/08 - Atalanta, GA

11/09 - Greenville, SC

11/10 - Charlotte, NC

11/11 - Durham, NC

11/13 - Harrisburg, PA

11/14 - New York

11/15 - New York



Upcoming releases:

-Treasure Mammal 12" VINYL

-Various Artists "Unlimited Semiosis" DIGITAL COMPILATION

-James Kochalka Superstar CASSETTE

-Sweat Lodge CASSETTE & 12" VINYL

-Drunk & Horny COMPACT DISC

-Morgan Evans COMPACT DISC


-Mooey Moobau CASSETTE



10/05/2015 - Mia Loucks first full length album is here. It's titled "The Sister Honey Demos." We have so many nice things we could say about this album but, feel its better and more exciting for you to just listen for yourself so you can have the same exciting feeling as we did upon discovering this beautiful artist.


You can purchase the album through our web store.


07/19/2015 - Related Records is officially over two years old now! Our first digital compilation of the new year is called "Unlimited Semiosis"


"This compilation is inspired by many things primarily Jean Molino's theory that all music is the result of Semiosis and by Splinter Cakes 2008 Masterpiece "Snapped" which you can listen to here

The concept of this album is simple steal another artists instrumental track and add lyrics/words to it. It can be any genre or from any period of time. You can add to the instrumental if you want but stealing the audio from another instrumental recording is the key ingredient to this project.

The deadline to send in your finished track is November 17th. Please send all of your songs in a .wav format to majestic.ryan@gmail.com

Have fun and please share this with other artists/musicians who you think would enjoy it."


To stay updated with the progress of this project join to the Facebook event page.

Unlimited Semiosis art by Sheena Benavente (used without permission)


We have a bunch of new releases all coming out in the next couple months too. We don't know if we will be able to afford them all. So we cut the prices on a lot of the stuff on our online store in hopes to sell more. Check out what we have to offer here.


05/02/2015 - The next digital compilation is called "Everybody's Looking At Their Phone"; we want this compilation to be more than just a digital comp, and we are trying to raise some money to release limited edition post cards and t-shirts with original artwork by David Bessent.


We also have two brand new releases coming out this month. First, is "Songs For Savages" by The Freaks of Nature. which will be officially released on May 16th, and will be available on CD and cassette.


Then is a split from Human Behavior (from Tucson, AZ) / Basement (from San Francisco, CA) which is officially released on May 26th.


But, both of these releases are/will be available through our online store and from the artists directly within the next week.


04/26/2015 - We regret to inform those who are still unaware, of the passing of our friend Space Alien Donald.

* * * Eulogy for Donald Thomas Roth * * *
My uncle was a Space Alien,
An intergalactic oddity who time-travelled the galaxy all his life,
Tripping circuits and scooping tachyrons into pretty glass jars, mesmerized when they lit up like fireflies.
He collected rocks; slept in deserts; flaunted gaudy hats…and memorized all of Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky”.
This last point is not true, but he would have wanted it to be.
My uncle was a Space Alien.
He called himself “the World’s Oldest Gay Canadian Rapper” and kept YouTube time in rigid boombox beats.
He ate cake and ice cream every day without guilt.
He experimented, collected data, kept notebooks, made pronouncements…
But all his life, I think what he wanted most was to sneak up on Gravity and catch a shot of her naked so he could share it with Einstein in a parallel universe.
Maybe that’s where he is now.
* * *Space Alien Donald was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada to Thomas and Anne Roth in 1935. He died in his sleep in Phoenix, Arizona on April 20, 2015, five months shy of his 80th birthday. * * *

We miss Donald very much. We don’t need to say much else, his life, music, art, science and existence speaks for itself. Here is a new video of him performing the song “The Moon” at Braggs Pie Factory in 2013. We hope it makes your day a little better.


THE NEW FATHERS DAY ALBUM "THAT'S IT!" is going to be released next month! and we have a special pre-sale package for super nerd fans of the band.

This package includes


14 song “That’s It!” CASSETTE TAPE
14 song “That’s It!” COMPACT DISC
"Disneyworld" 7" LATHE


The cassette tape and the compact disc feature different tracks from each other.


The 7” lathe is going to be limited to the number of people who order this package and the RELATED RECORDS YEAR TWO COLLECTION (which will be limited to 10 and wont be available until 07/2015)


The download code will include all 20 songs in .wav format.


This is only available until March 18th, 2015




Also since the last update we have released TWO digital compilations that are both amazing!







Sadly, I don't have any other news about the other new releases we have coming out this year but their are going to be a bunch of them and quite a few in the next 2-3 months.



includes free poop/fart scratch n' sniff stickers


To celebrate Drunk & Horny is doing a few special performances with a 12 piece orchestra!


09/08 @FILMBAR w/Mary Ocher, Numb Bats and Hiccups

09/18 @THE TRUNK SPACE w/Yairms, AlhhlA, Ray Reeves, Run-On-Sunshine and Heavy The Lightweight

09/27 @FUNNY WORLD w/Space Alien Donald, Hug-of-War, Diners and All Anal


If you can't make it out to the shows, you can pick it up at our online store here!


Also before the month is over we will have TWO MORE NEW RELEASES!


FIRST is a split release with Yairms and AlhhlA from North Carolina. It's short, spooky, beautiful and amazing.



Here is a video of one of Yairms songs from the cassette. Filmed by the amazing Jon Jenkins.

SECOND we have the debut full length from a man known throughout the universe. Mr. Space Alien Donald

This album is going to be released in cassette AND compact disc formats and will certainly be a "must have" for anyone who enjoys anything remotely interesting.

But more info on those things when once they actually come out. In the meantime, did you know that we have an instagram now? and did you submit something to the next FREE digital compilation yet? YOU SHOULD DO THAT NOW! We have already received a grip of songs and they are all very different and strange. This is going to be a great compilation for sure!

06/18/2014 - JEEZ! Sorry for the lack of website updates. If you've been following us on tumblr or facebook or keeping an eye on our bandcamp page you would know what we have been up to. At any rate, we just released "Cadet Beach Party!" by The Aquabats on June 6th with our good friends Pirate Ship Records and we are already more than half way sold out of our stock. So make sure you buy a copy before they all sell out!



We are also running a very awesome deal on our web store where you can get one of everything we have released in the first year of being a label for only $50! Which is over $20 in savings! BUY THAT HERE!


 We also released "Live Through THIS!: A 20 Year Anniversary Tribute to Hole's Best Album" and it is probably the coolest and most diverse digital compilation we have done so far. Make sure you check that out and if you like the artwork you can order a print from Later Operator.



01/16/2014 - the website is finally updated! check out the band page and the "releases" page because they got the biggest facelift of them all! also we are proud to announce 3 NEW TAPE RELEASES COMING OUT NEXT MONTH!


FIRST is Serene Dominic's seasonal classic "Winter Trance Party" this is the first time this has ever been available on Cassette and will hopefully introduce a whole new audience of people to the wonderful/bizarre sounds of Phoenix Arizona's most under appreciated artist EVER! listen to it here.


SECOND is going to be a hit with all historical and story craving music nerds! It is Serene Dominic: The Holiday Slides Project "Can You Count The Brunettes?" You see back in 1986 Serene was in a pop band called "The Holiday Slides" who released a full length cassette on their vanity label $in¢ere Records. They only made about 300 copies but the printer they were getting the Jcards from told them they had to get 500 made. So Serene held onto these Jcards for over 25 years! and then Re-Recorded the whole album himself and we are releasing those recordings packaged with the original "Vintage" Jcards. You can listen to it here.



THIRD is the tape version of Mary Ochers album "Eden" which was recorded and produced by the amazing King Kahn last year. This special limited edition tape is in support of her first USA tour! Make sure you check her website for details on where to catch her when she comes to your city.



ALSO we are pleased to announce the next FREE digital compilation project is a tribute to Hole's legendary album "Live Through This." More info on that can be found here


01/03/2014 - Great news everyone! we should be getting 3 new releases in by the end of next month! AND most of the website is updated now!


12/23/2013 - Sorry for the lack of updates on the website, in July my house flooded and so all website updates have had to be on hold until today when things are finally (almost) back to normal. In the meantime we have released a bunch of new and excellent things. you can listen to most of them on our bandcamp page and buy everything from our web store!


NEXT UP! we have the first full length from the deserts biggest dinosaur lover "DINOSAUR LOVE!"





This will be officially released on January 28th! but you can pre-order the cassette tapes now and get them sometime in the beginning of the new year. a limited edition CD version will be available too before the month of January is over.


Then in February we should finally have something from the amazing Serene Dominic!


and in March we are releasing a special limited edition US only copy of Mary Ocher's album "Eden" on cassette tape. Mary Ocher is from Berlin and will be visiting the USA for the first time ever in February for a full US tour, but more info on all of this stuff later! The rest of the website will be updated over the next couple of days. Thanks for being patient and supporting this whole thing.


07/17/2013 - The first (of hopefully many) free digital download compilations is out and now available on our new bandcamp page. go download "America's Dad" now!

and production of the next installment has already begun. "FUCK BEING (POSITIVE): a tribute to charles bronson" will be available in November, the deadline for your recorded Charles Bronson cover is Halloween Night! go here for more info on that.


The new Let's (House) Party compilation is also up on our new bandcamp page, we are putting up a new song every Saturday from this compilation (so far their are two songs! that are both exclusive to this compilation and kick so much ass!) be sure to check out hats coming next! also


MORE BIG BIG NEWS IS COMING SOON! probably sometime next month!


07/03/2013 - Let's (House) Party is finished, Just waiting for the tapes/cd's to be sent back.

Treasure Mammal is hitting the road next week for a week long California tour and just released an EP that kicks so much ass! There will be another Tmammal tape coming out on Related Records soon. The America's Dad compilation is almost ready to be released too. expect to see it online on July 12th. New album by Fathers Day is almost completely done should be out by September. Be sure to check out our Tumblr, we have been updating it with cool stuff almost every day.


05/29/2013 - The next couple related records releases are almost ready for the world!

 01. "AMERICA'S DAD!" free digital compilation featuring artwork by Jim Ether will be released on July 12th, 2013. The submission deadline is July 4th, we've already received a handful of excellent songs for this compilation, but we are hoping for more. More info on this compilation can be found here.


02. "Let's (house) Party!" 5-way split CD/Tape featuring Treasure Mammal, Playboy Manbaby, Man-Cat, Naked Pizza and Fathers Day. (with artwork by Allie Mood) Will be released in early August (we hope!) just in time for the new school year!


Soon after that we will have new full length releases from Fathers Day & Man-Cat.


05/08/2013 - Drunk and Horny are about to release their newest album "A Drunk and Horny Pool Party with Ryan and Andrew" this coming mothers day (May 12th) @The Crescent Ballroom. They will be performing with a 12 piece orchestra with local friends Serene Dominic, Former Friends of Young Americans and Nicholas Villa and the best part is it's FREE! They also have a terrific new music video, filmed by the bands best friend Eli Kluger! more info on the show can be found here.



04/29/2013 - The "Let's (House) Party!" Mix Tape & CD are coming together nicely. They will each include different artwork and the CD will include bonus live tracks by all of the bands included on the comp. One of the great bands that will be included on this album is local Tempe, AZ pop heroes Playboy Manbaby who just released a new full length CD. Here is an awesome video from their CD release show that happened two nights ago



04/17/2013 - We are excited about The Real Coachella coming up this Saturday! 4 of our artists are going to be doing special one of a kind performances. Be sure to check out Man-Cat, Serene Dominic, The Drunk and Horny Orchestra and the Douglas Patton (from Fathers Day) Comedy Revue.